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In this site, you'll find background information about me and my work, including headshots and photographs from performances.

For recent film work, please take a look at the TV comedy pilot, Grass Roots:



To see me in the award-winning short The Furred Man (Evil Hypnotist), please click on this link:


This film, first screened on Channel 4 in 2011, has currently won 12 awards in film festivals around the world, including the Best Horror category at the Limehouse Film and Arts Awards (2011) here in the UK. American audiences have loved it in particular, voting it Best Horror at festivals in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Oregon. 


Photograph copyright Claire Grogan


Recent credits (see Spotlight for full CV):

Marley's Ghost/Ensemble, A Christmas Carol, Middle Temple Hall, dir. Ben Horslen and John Riseboro [2012, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019]

Duncan/Seyton/Porter, Macbeth, France tour, Middle Temple Church, dir. Ben Horslen and John Risebero [2019]

William, Lord Hastings, Richard III, England/France tour, Middle Temple Church, dir. Ben Horslen and John Risebero [2017]

Prince Escalus, Romeo and Juliet, Middle Temple Church, dir. Ben Horslen and John Riseboro [2015]

Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Twelfth Night, French tour,  dir. Ben Horslen and John Riseboro [2014]

Egeus/Starveling/Mustardseed, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Middle Temple Hall and French tour, dir. Ben Horslen and John Riseboro [2013]

Dr Minor/Dr Beard/Richard Archer Prince, Lullabies of Broadmoor, Finborough, dir. Chris Loveless [2011]

Bob Cratchit/Young Scrooge/Topper, A Christmas Carol, Trafalgar Studio 2, dir. Alistair Green [2010]

Baron of the Cinque Ports, Henry VIII, Shakespeare's Globe, dir. Mark Rosenblatt [2010]



Recent credits (see Spotlight for full CV):

Hugo Mosely, Emmerdale, dir. John Anderson [2020]

Prince Charles' Equerry, The Crown (season 3, Netflix), dir. Sam Donovan [2019]

Kyle, Amya Rose, dir. Francesca Fielding [2019]

Dr Josh Reed, Dark Heart (ITV), dir. Colin Teague [2018]

Nigel, Frank and Mary, dir. Paul Williams [2018]

Doctor, Fortis Pharma (corporate film), dir. Alisdair Irvine [2018]

Old Bailey judge, Justice League (feature film), dir. Zack Snyder [2017]

Peter, Lendlease (promotional film), Blueprint, dir. Peter Demetris [2017] 

Newscaster, For Mum (short film), Ross Dixon Film, dir. Ross Dixon [2017]

Gore Vidal, 1968 (short film), Ravensbourne, dir. Thomas Wilson [2016]

Mr Cline, Holy Land Foundation (US tv), Noon Multimedia, dir. Richard Platt [2015]

Well-spoken man, Nationwide idents, Agile Films, dir. Ben Whitehouse [2015]

FA Official, Grass Roots, dir. Luke Flanagan, Matt Connolly  [2014]

Dad, The Magician's Apprentice, dir. Luke Flanagan and Matt Connolly  [2014]

Narrator, Driving Safely in Europe (infomercial/voiceover), dir. Bodo Brüsehaber [2014]

Sven, Cultural Awareness (corporate video), dir. Ron Tanner [2014]

Rob Walker, DHL-Express Focus Group (corporate video), dir. Neil Armstrong  [2014]

Passenger, Passenger Mustering (corporate video), dir. Ron Tanner  [2013]

Arthur Price, Morgumentary, dir. Lex de Vroomen  [2013]

Man in wheelchair, Rescue Me, dir. Amancay Tapia [2013]

James Skittlewick, Mache Man, dir. Sophie Boyce [2012]  http://www.facebook.com/MacheManFilm



Height: 6' 1"
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Blue-grey
Build: Medium

Photograph copyright Claire Grogan